Arrival and Dismissal

Students and siblings must remain with their the parent or guardian at all times. Please do not let children go into other areas of the building or parking lot without you.

All students are asked to wash their hands and use the bathroom before entering the classroom.


Our classroom doors open at 9:00 am.

If you arrive late, please notify the teacher that your child has arrived.


We urge parents to pick up their children promptly at dismissal time (12 pm for 3- and 5-day classes; 11:30 am for 2-day class).

Please check your child's cubby and your parents' mailbox daily.

If on occasion, you must pick up your child early for an appointment, please notify the teacher during arrival time.

If you are running late, please call the school and leave a message 622-0309. We understand that there are occasions where you may be prevented from arriving to school on time for dismissal. Please program your cell phone with our number. The director will schedule a meeting with parents who are continually tardy for dismissal. A late will fee will be assessed if deemed necessary according to the policy.

If your child is going home with anyone other than your registered drivers, please complete a Car Pool Permission Form at the beginning of the school day.

For short notice change in pick up routine, please call the school with the child's name and the name of the person picking up your child. If they are not on your authorized pick up list, they will be asked to show identification before we will release the child.


Each family has been given a school calendar. Immanuel Christian Preschool will observe similar holidays and vacation periods as the Manchester Public Schools, with exception of Good Friday and Easter Monday closure. Immanuel Christian Preschool classes generally start after Labor Day and conclude in early June.

It is Immanuel Christian Preschool's policy to not make up any cancelled days of school.

When driving conditions are hazardous, the school closings will be posted on the school Facebook page, announced on radio station WZID, FM 95.7 and on TV station WMUR Channel 9. Look for Immanuel Christian School listed separately on the bottom of the screen. We also recommend you use your own judgement, taking into consideration your own road conditions to ensure safety.

Immanuel Christian Preschool reserves the right to cancel class when deemed necessary to maintain the safety of our students. Keep in mind the possibility of closings due to church obligations such as funerals.


Children are encouraged to wear casual, comfortable clothing that gives them freedom of movement and allows them the greatest independence when taking care of bathroom needs. Most days we spend some time outdoors. Please send appropriate outdoor clothing and have it labeled with the first initial and last name. A change of clothing should be provided and stored in the child's cubby in case of an accident, upset stomach or spill. It is also helpful to have extra mittens or hats during the wintertime. Overalls, belts and onesies are especially difficult for children when they are in the bathroom. Roomy elastic waistbands work best for young children.

Sneakers are safest choice for footwear. Open toe sandals or shoes, cowboy boots, flip flops, clogs, Crocs and heeled sandals are not conducive to safe playground activity. During winter months, we do not have boots or outside shoes in the classroom. We use indoor shoes inside our classrooms.

Please do not send children to school with jewelry. It can get lost and some pieces are potential hazards that may prick or even choke your child if swallowed. We also ask that toys be kept at home.

Snacks children eating their snacks

Parents provide snack each day as part of the learning experience.

We say prayers before we eat and practice good manners and independence skills.

Our snack menu choices are based on the recommendations in the NH Child Care Regulations-two food groups per snack and serving sizes appropriate for preschool-aged children.